SPFX Created by Carlos Henriques, Sara Feehan, Monica Pavez, Alexander Silberberg at The Butcher Shop FX Studio
"As in the Final Destination films, it’s not whether a character will die, but how. And the deaths are enjoyably gory – limbs are twisted; torsos eviscerated" - Kevan Farrow, Horror Scream Magazine
"An exploration into the perils of not atoning for your sins Bed of the Dead is a gorgeously gruesome ninety minute thrill ride that will leave you reconsidering whether you ever want to sleep in a foreign bed again." - Kat Hughes, The Hollywood News
"When characters die, they die hard, and when scares are inserted, they lunge with ferocity." - Matt Donato, We Got This Covered
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"If any person or group working on “Bed of the Dead” deserves singling out, it would have to be the effects crew. The blood and gore is some of the finest ever shown, with one “shower scene” reminiscent of “Nightmare on Elm Street”, only even more disturbing. There is a creepy spider creature that comes across as a hybrid of “The Exorcist” and “The Ring”, and we even get an offhand comment referencing “The Shining”. (To be clear, none of these references come off as “rip-offs”, but cleverly tongue-in-cheek homages.) " - Gavin Schmitt, Killer Reviews